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LNG Auto Components is a pioneer name in the brazing industry. We are a specialized service-oriented / Job Works company that provides all types of brazing solutions to various industries such as automotive, electronics, medical, energy, and others, where brazing is commonly used as a joining process. We work closely with our customers to provide customized brazing solutions that meet their specific requirements, and ensure high-quality, reliable, and durable brazed assemblies or components.
We have in-house quality control and testing capabilities to ensure the quality, integrity and other inspection techniques to verify the quality of brazed components.We do Brazing job works with skilled brazing technicians or operators who are experienced in various brazing techniques, materials, and equipment. These services can be valuable for customers who require specialized expertise for specific brazing applications.

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    Wright Us Before Making Mistakes When Brazing?

    Why LNG Auto Components

    Quality Our quality of brazing refers to the brazing process that meets or exceeds the required standards and specifications, resulting in reliable, durable, and defect-free brazed joints.

    Innovation We believe in continuous innovation in the brazing process to develop and implement new or improved techniques

    Customozation We do all the brazing customization work in the process of tailoring brazing techniques, materials, and processes to specific requirements or unique applications.